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With decades of past performance, Liberty Maritime is committed to evolving with the development of global trade patterns and changing demand.

Container Ships
Bagged and Bulk Liner Service
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Military and Ammunition Transportation

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Our Management Team

Philip J. Shapiro

Philip J. Shapiro

Joshua M. Shapiro

Joshua M. Shapiro

President and Chief Executive Officer
John Sheen

John Sheen

Chief Financial Officer
William Campbell

William Campbell

Vice President of Operations
Brooke F. Shapiro

Brooke F. Shapiro

Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Theodore S. Makrinos

Theodore S. Makrinos

Vice President of Engineering
first statement background

To provide a safe, reliable, and efficient international transportation services network to move goods and cargo worldwide.


We strive to expand
service & participation in the U.S.
and international shipping markets.